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Today’s dynamic and progressing organizations are becoming increasingly dependent upon their IT infrastructure and upon the information that it provides and supplies. These organizations recognize the role and importance of IT services and their management to achieve success in a competitive business environment.

ITIL is the most widely-accepted approach for IT Service Management in the world. It provides a cohesive set of best practices drawn from the public and private sectors internationally.

MajidTEK in coloboration with Business Beam helps organizations in properly implementing IT service management practices and optimizing their IT services to satisfy business requirements as well as strategically managing the IT infrastructure. We offer following services.

1) ITIL Maturity Assessment & Alignment
We offers ITIL maturity assessment and alignment consultancy services which benchmarks your current IT service management operations against ITIL's best practices. After assessment, we provide recommendations, and strategic and tactical implementation plans that include timeframes, milestones, staff education needs, investments and possible returns, based on ITIL’s best practices.

It gives your organization a thorough understanding about your current capabilities to manage IT services, identifies weak areas and opportunities for further improvement and a tailored improvement roadmap developed specifically for your organization.

2) ITIL Adoption Consultancy
We offers specific or end-to-end implementation and adoption of ITIL at your organization.

  • Building the Service Catalogues: Business Beam designs and develops IT Service Catalogues that meet your organization’s unique needs
  • Defining Realistic Service Level Agreements:Developing effective Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be a real problem for organizations that can meet clients’ requirements and serve as internal benchmark for service performance. Business Beam helps you identify your service-levels, features, clients’ expectations, and develops realistic, achievable and measurable SLAs.
  • Controlled Change Management: Most of the unwanted downtime occurs in IT services due to unauthorized or inadequately tested changes. Business Beam helps you evaluate your enterprise change management needs and establish effective policy, update processes and automate them with technology to ensure adoption across your organization.
  • Defining the Configuration Management Database:Business Beam offers consulting services to help your organization implement a configuration management database (CMDB).
  • Developing and Implementing any other ITIL or ISO 20000 Process: Business Beam offers tailored consultancy services to help you develop and implement specific ITIL or ISO 20000 processes that fulfil your need.
3)ISO 20000 IT Service Management System Assessment
The ISO20000 is an international certifiable standard issued by ISO and developed through the itSMF. It is based on the world renowned ITIL’s best practices framework for managing IT, and defines the requirements to ensure viable and quality focused delivery of services to the enterprise.

We offers assessment services for your ISO20000 certification to identify your IT department’s current standing vis-à-vis the requirements of the ISO20000 standard. With the years of experience in various sectors within the industry, our team of Consultants identifies & documents current practices performed and where improvements are needed to resolve some of your most pressing day-to-day issues.

This assessment gives you a thorough understanding of what value the IT department will provide to the rest of the organization and a detailed analysis of your current IT infrastructure’s ability for delivering quality IT services to the enterprise according to ISO20000 standard requirements.

4) ISO 20000 IT Service Management System Certification Consultancy
We offers ISO 20000 Certification Consultancy service to ensure a smooth development, implementation, and certification of ISO 20000 in your organization. This service covers all stages of an ISO 20000 project starting from project planning, scoping and training, policies & procedures development, service quality improvements, and continuous monitoring.

Our Consultants develop and deploy processes for service delivery, control, release, resolution and business relationship. We also develop processes for development and deployment of new IT services. For successful accreditation, our Consultants train your team on conducting audit and perform first internal audits with your team. We help closing all the nonconformities until your organization goes through a successful audit and achieve certification.
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