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Businesses' security needs are changing rapidly. Companies want to block malicious attacks on their computer systems and data, however they also must also enable internal and external access to this data. In the past, networks, systems and applications were protected by point solutions. Unfortunately such systems are no longer enough. Enterprises today need to view their organizational structures and processes holistically and must take an integrated approach to secure their IT and telecommunications assets.

MajidTEK with Coloboration with Business Beam provides consultancy in various domains of IT security, tailored precisely according to your needs.

1) IT Security Gap Assessment
Our IT Security Gap Assessment is designed to assist your organization in obtaining full compliance with the appropriate regulations, guidelines and best practice standards. The resulting report will summarize your IT’s current level of compliance and provide the details for developing appropriate corrective actions. Once the gaps are identified a Security Improvement Plan can be developed that provides a foundation for setting priorities, assigning ownership, allocating investments of time, money and human resources and for measuring and improving compliance with the guidelines.
2) IT Security Risk Management
Managing risk to IT security is a tricky business. Too much protection can overburden IT staff and budgets, while too much risk can expose your organization to data theft, system downtime, fines, loss of customers’ trust and even bad publicity. Our Security Consultants are experts at assessing and managing risk. Through services customized to meet your organization's needs, we can help identify areas of potential risk, and then design a complete security solution that balances security priorities with regulatory compliance and the amount of acceptable risk your organization can assume.

3) Penetration Testing
By using the latest tools and techniques available from the hacker community, we simulates controlled physical or logical attacks and provides a snapshot of an organization's security posture. Through a 4-phase testing process: passive reconnaissance, active scanning, controlled penetration, and controlled vulnerability exploitation, we validates the effectiveness of security safeguards and controls currently in place, demonstrates the existing risks to an organization's wired & wireless networks, Windows, Linux, AIX, and IOS systems, intranet, Web and mobile applications, and provides detailed remediation steps that can be taken to prevent future exploitation.
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