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Establish an IT governance framework to drive your IT in line with your corporate strategies, to benchmark the performance and enhance the role of IT in your business.

Good IT governance is a strategic enabling force for businesses these days. It is all about the way in which business leadership accomplishes the delivery of mission-critical business capabilities using Information Technology strategy, goals, and objectives. IT governance is concerned with the strategic alignment between the goals and objectives of the business and the utilization of its IT resources to effectively achieve the desired results. As an organization considers IT projects, it is critical to align them with the business strategies and business goals. Doing this creates a very clear picture as to what is expected to be accomplished and how these expectations fit within what the business wants to accomplish. At its core, this is what IT governance accomplishes.

MajidTEK in colaboration with Business Beam is successfully providing IT governance Consultancy & Training services to several top organizations.Our services include:

IT Strategy Development
No corporate strategy is complete without an effective strategy for IT which secures the value of IT for a company's core business. We offers IT Strategy development services to better align IT and its services with the needs of the business and its goals. We help you answer questions like, what should be technological needs in medium term, what should be the right architecture, what should be the IT priorities, how to allocate funds on IT, how to calculate returns on investments made on IT, etc.

Our experienced and certified Consultants assess the current position of your IT and its services, analyze the business needs and goals, and map them over IT. Based on this information, we develop a detailed and prioritized roadmap for the IT projects of your organization.

It helps you to identify your competitive edge through IT and its services; you acquire a mechanism to measure and improve the outcome of the strategy while responsibilities and accountabilities for the achievement of results are also identified.

Measure and Benchmark the Performance of IT
Managing the IT environment is a complex endeavor. IT departments have their hands full keeping the infrastructure running smoothly, supporting end users, complying with regulations and meeting service level agreements. Management is continuously searching for condensed and timely information to make difficult decisions on value, risk and control quickly and successfully.

We offers services to measure performance by setting and monitoring measurable objectives of what the IT processes need to deliver and how to deliver them. Our experienced Consultants identify what should be measured, and how? Based on this information a management toolkit is developed to monitor this improvement in your organization.

As the end, you get a Management dashboard for monitoring and controlling the performance of your IT operations, services and projects; significantly improved visibility over your IT projects while your decision making becomes even more effective due to quantitative performance reports, instead of qualitative reports.
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