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ICT acts a backbone for most of the organizations where the processes which deliver products and services depend on information and communication technology (ICT). Disruption to ICT can therefore constitute a strategic risk, damaging the organization’s ability to operate and undermining its reputation. The consequences of a disruptive incident vary and can be far-reaching, and might not be immediately obvious at the time. Disruption to ICT can therefore be a huge risk and can damage your organization's ability to operate and hence can undermine its reputation.

MajidTEK in coloboration with Business Beam helps organizations to establish, implement, maintain and monitor ICT continuity with its following services:

1) Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
Business Impact Assessment (or Business Impact Analysis) of ICT services is one of the basic activities which lays down the basic foundation for effective ICT continuity arrangements. In most of the organizations, ICT services run on a routine basis but the identification of core services on which the survival of business operations depends or even the impact in case these services go down are often unknown.

During business impact assessment, our team of highly qualified Consultants identifies the ICT services, core infrastructural components, data and applications. An impact assessment is then performed based on the scenario that what could be the consequences for the organization if these services & components face any interruption. It helps in:

  • Identification of services and components that are critical to the business
  • Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD)
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
2) ICT Continuity Plan Development
Once the BIA is performed and critical services & components are identified; next step is to design ICT strategies so that the acceptable state of interrupted services can be achieved within the calculated RTO. Our Consultants work with your teams to identify suitable ICT strategies and are documented in an ICT plan. The ICT plan is also tested to make sure that the strategies and other action plans are applicable in a given situation as well. Hence your organization gets an ICT plan which is tested and your ICT teams are more confident in dealing with an unwanted situation.
3) ISO 27031 Consultancy
ISO 27031 is a recently released international standard. It provides recommendations for information and communications technology (ICT) continuity management within the framework of business continuity management provided by BS 25777 and ISO 27001 ISMS. This standard has recently been launched but Business Beam has already started providing its services after acquiring all the knowledge and expertise under the newly introduced standard.

Our Consultancy service covers all stages of ISO 27031 project starting from project planning, scoping and training, policies & procedures development, ICT Plan testing & implementation and continuous monitoring.

For successful accreditation, our Consultants train your team on conducting audit and perform first internal audits with your team. We help closing all the nonconformities until your organization goes through a successful audit and achieves certification.
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